Testimonials & Reviews

"I couldn't stop screaming at my kids. I about killed my boyfriend I got so pissed off at him. There was something wrong and I needed help. Someone told me call Ron and he got me into a method to deal with the anger. Sure I still have problems but I can deal with them, my life is much better now. "

Jennifer R

"DUI Counseling Centers of DeKalb-Kendall Counties helped get my life back on track. After my license got revoked after a tragic DUI I thought my future and all hope was lost. With the right guide that proved to be false. Thanks!"

Charles D.

"I knew my drinking was getting bad. But getting arrested was a real blow. It brought me to my senses and then Ron was there to help me through the process. The counseling worked. I got my life back together and then began working again. "

Luís C

"One bad night, one bad decision, and I got hit with a DUI. My first time. I had to get evaluated and take some counseling. The guys at DUI Counseling helped me get through all this and get my license back. Thanks guys."

David G

"My divorce was devastating, then I started drinking. A lot. The cops got me one night after a party in Elmhurst and my world felt falling apart. Ron and his team just seemed to understand from the beginning. They were patient and caring and, over a few months, really helped me get it back together. "

Sara E

"I'm not an alcoholic but sometimes I have a problem. The court said get an evaluation so I went to DUI Counseling out in Sycamore. They were professional and kept everything confidential. They showed me a quick route to get my license back. "

Heather E

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