About DUI Counseling Centers of DeKalb - Kendall Counties.

Experience Counts

DUI & Counseling Services is the region's leading network for DUI, mental health, anger and all substance-related services. This includes follow-up care for your needs, or a referral as necessary. We provide evaluations, counseling, mental health, anger management and driver's license reinstatement.

For over 25 years, motorists arrested for drunk driving and other alcohol/drug offenses have turned to DUI & Counseling Services. Our professionals make this often complicated and confusing legal process easy to navigate.

DUI Counseling Centers
DUI Counseling Centers

When your driver's license is revoked by the State of Illinois, you must appeal to the Secretary of State to get your driving privileges reinstated. The process can be challenging, as the requirements for documentation change from time to time. We can help you assemble the proper paperwork and help you through this process. We can do your evaluation.

If you decide to receive an evaluation, please bring the following items:
1. Notice of Summary Suspension from the officer.
2. Driving record from DMV (typically around $12)
3. Other tickets.
4. Anything you think might be relevant to your case.

If You've Been Arrested

You may call us directly to schedule an appointment for your evaluation, or you may ask your lawyer to refer you to DUI Counseling Services. This evaluation will determine what type of program you need and for how long. After you are evaluated, be sure to choose DUI & Counseling Services for your program. We provide all levels of educational and counseling programs. With bilingual classes and convenient scheduling, we are your best choice.

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If Your Driver's License Has Been Revoked

When your driver's license is revoked by the state of Illinois, you must appeal to the Secretary of State to get your driving privileges reinstated. The Secretary of State's Department of Administrative Hearings frequently changes the requirements for documentation, making the process confusing and frustrating. We stay abreast of these requirements and know how to assemble the correct paperwork. And, if needed, we'll help you answer a denial letter.

Please contact us to discuss your situation. Let us make the process easier for you!

DUI & Counseling Services is insured, licensed and approved by the State of Illinois.

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